I am Tina Bojanowski and I am running for Kentucky House of Representatives because I believe that the process of governing in our state as well as our nation must change and once again reflect the values our founding fathers wrote into the Constitution.  Will you join Team Tina and stand with us as we reclaim a primary right of democracy, Every Voice Matters? Ask me how

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Greater Louisville Central Labor Council

We look forward to working with you to create a better life and forge a brighter future for the hardworking men and women of Kentucky.


“Thank you, Mr. Londrigan, for the Kentucky State AFL-CIO’s Committee on Political Education endorsement. I am honored and I pledge to fight for working people.” – Tina

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Tina’s positions on public education are in line with NPE Action. She is against high-stakes standardized testing as a way to evaluate teachers or measure student achievement. She supports sufficiently funding schools. Read more

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Honored to have the endorsement of the Greater Louisville Central Labor Council. ...

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Thank you, Mr. Londrigan, for the Kentucky State AFL-CIO's Committee on Political Education endorsement. I am honored and I pledge to fight for working people. ...

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We must flip the House to protect public education in Kentucky. ...

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A Resolution from the House Democrats regarding Bevin's disparaging comment about teachers. ...

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2 weeks ago

Tina Bojanowski for KY House of Representatives

I have mixed feelings about what happened in Frankfort today. However, as I closed out the day with an uncomfortable feeling about what "tweaking" a tax or revenue bill actually means, I read this post from my friend Chris Dennis Myers:

"Harry Chapin, when asked about his charitable work (which was enormous), cited Woody Guthrie, who apparently said, "I don't know if I'm doing any good when I do this stuff, but what I do know is that the people I meet who are doing it with me are the people I want to be around -- alive, caring, committed, passionate. We may not achieve our goal, but we will enrich our lives regardless" (my friend may have paraphrased the original a bit).

Here is to all of the people who came to Frankfort in support of public education today. I'm honored to have stood with you and to have you in my world. To each and every person who has joined me on this path to the Capitol, I thank you. Whatever happens in November, my world has become a better place. (Granted, I'll do everything I can to WIN in November!).


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