I am Tina Bojanowski and I am running for Kentucky House of Representatives because I believe that the process of governing in our state as well as our nation must change and once again reflect the values our founding fathers wrote into the Constitution.  Will you join Team Tina and stand with us as we reclaim a primary right of democracy, Every Voice Matters? Ask me how

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Support for Tina

Communication Workers of America, Local 3310

“Thank you, Matt Embry. It is time that the voices of working people are heard in KY House District 32.” – Tina

Teamsters Local 783

We also look forward to working with you in enhancing the livelihoods of our members and their families.

Greater Louisville Central Labor Council

We look forward to working with you to create a better life and forge a brighter future for the hardworking men and women of Kentucky.


“Thank you, Mr. Londrigan, for the Kentucky State AFL-CIO’s Committee on Political Education endorsement. I am honored and I pledge to fight for working people.” – Tina

Network for Public Education Action

Tina’s positions on public education are in line with NPE Action. She is against high-stakes standardized testing as a way to evaluate teachers or measure student achievement. She supports sufficiently funding schools. Read more

Team Tina in Action

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8 hours ago

Tina Bojanowski for KY House of Representatives

Live with Richard Ojeda! Let the blue wave come! Richard Ojeda ...

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Yes, I'm absolutely a "real" candidate. I've lived in my district for most of my life. I have two master's degrees (MBA and MAT) and a PhD in education and social change. I'm the Vice-Chair of the Democratic Party in District 32. I will read the research before voting and I will speak on behalf of my constituents, not outside interests. I'm a public school special education teacher. I'm also going to be the next State Representative for District 32.Republican Party spokesman criticizes Kentucky Democratic educators, women running for office. Let your voice be heard at the polls. ...

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4 days ago

Tina Bojanowski for KY House of Representatives

We voted! ...

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7 days ago

Tina Bojanowski for KY House of Representatives

Successful canvassing today for Team Tina. Michael and Jim, we'll get you in the next picture! ...

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1 week ago

Tina Bojanowski for KY House of Representatives

KY Voters: Check your voting locations! In House District 32, two precincts have a new polling location: E159 and E167 will now vote at Alex R. Kennedy Elementary School. Both precincts are off of Taylorsville Rd. Click here to check your polling location: elect.ky.gov/Pages/default.aspx. ...

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