Have you ever had one of those moments where you knew that the only way anything was going to change was if you were going to take personal action to change it? A few years ago during a class I attended on social change, I discovered a purpose that had such stickiness for me that it became the new purpose in my life : to become a change agent and advocate for those who were the most vulnerable – individuals with disabilities, individuals in poverty, individuals who, for whatever reason, could not speak up for themselves. As I began to pursue this purpose, major shifts occurred in our political landscape and my purpose began to shift with it. As I watched working class Americans being pushed aside in the legislative process to make room for lobbyists and influencers funded by dark money from the Koch brothers, I realized that our democracy was (and is) under attack by outside interests who do not share my values. I believe in working class people having a living wage, in supporting those who are most vulnerable among us, in healthcare being a right not a privilege, and in high quality public education for all children. I am Tina Bojanowski and I am running for Kentucky House of Representatives because I believe that the process of governing in our state as well as our nation must change and once again reflect the values our founding fathers wrote into the Constitution.  Will you join Team Tina and stand with us as we reclaim a primary right of democracy, Every Voice Matters? Ask me how.  

At the KY Capitol for a press conference. 40 educators running for KY General Assembly!

Posted by State Representative Tina Bojanowski on Wednesday, January 31, 2018