Kentucky Center for Economic Policy: Letter to the Public Pension Working Group

Dear Member of the Public Pension Working Group,

Thank you for the opportunity to provide input to the Public Pension Working Group on this vital issue facing the commonwealth. I am encouraged by the creation of this group as an important step in opening up the conversation to the public. I hope the working group will take the additional steps necessary to involve those directly affected by the issue, and invite comment from a wide variety of perspectives as you consider the best path forward. As an organization that has conducted regular analyses of Kentucky’s pension systems since 2012, we would be happy to provide input.

Kentucky Center for Economic Policy: State Should Move Forward With Recommendations to Shed Light on Tax Expenditures

Kentucky loses more than $13 billion every year through tax expenditures – tax breaks, exemptions and exclusions that leave us with less money for investments in schools, infrastructure and other building blocks of our communities – and bringing them under scrutiny is an essential first step toward a tax and budget system that reflects our priorities. Recent recommendations from a legislative task force to bring more accountability to this side of our budget should be enacted by the legislature.