The Economy

Kentucky needs a modern economy to compete in the 21st century. That means we need crucial infrastructure improvements – everything from roads and bridges to increasing access to high-speed internet throughout the state.We also need to ensure that we invest in the education of our workforce. Tina has the private-sector experience and education we need to create a growing economy where every Kentuckian has a fair shot at success.


High quality public education for all is a critical component of our society. It is time to shift the focus in education away from testing and toward deeper learning for all students. Trauma-informed education and wrap-around services for mental health care and other basic needs must be a priority for our most at-risk students. We need to ensure that all students with learning differences, including dyslexia, are provided research-based interventions for their needs. Students with disabilities need intentional support during their transition to adulthood that should be provided by the K-12 system. Educators need to be respected as professionals. Tina will bring the voice of all educators, as well as citizens who value public education, directly to the KY House of Representatives.

Good Government


The future of Kentucky’s public pension system is one of the most critical issues facing the commonwealth and Frankfort has utterly failed to successfully address it for decades. Tina understands this issue on a personal level and will lead a common-sense approach to finding fair, long-term solutions to the pension crisis and other challenges facing the future of Kentucky.


I believe that affordable health care is a right, not a privilege.  As a parent of a child with a disability who was labeled as having a pre-existing condition when we purchased insurance for our small business, I understand first-hand how difficult it can be to provide for your child when your health care premiums are through the roof.  I disagree with Governor Bevin in his position that individuals must be contributing members of society before they are eligible for monetary support for healthcare.  In fact, I think it is access to healthcare, including mental health care, that allows a person to work as well as to otherwise contribute to society through volunteerism and/or further education.  I will strive to understand the health care system from the perspective of all stakeholders.  Following Martin Luther King, Jr., I believe that “Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in healthcare is the most shocking and inhumane”

Let’s Talk

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