VOTE Nov. 6th 

Voting is an important right. Just a few simple steps can help you feel informed and ready to go to the polls, just click here to complete the steps listed below.

  1. Find your voting location by entering your address in the box provided and clicking the search button below it 
  2. Click the “Sample Ballot” link below the information about your precinct and voting location. This informs you about the offices for which you will be voting so that you can research and decide which candidate’s positions align with your priorities and values.

PS – this page also provides contract information for local, state and federal representatives should you want to contact them during their term in office

KNOW BEFORE YOU GO: Proper form of identification is required to vote.
Any of the following may be used:
  • Drivers license
  • Credit card
  • Social security card
  • personal acquaintance of an Election Officer
  • Other personal identification bearing both the picture and signature of the voter
  • Any U.S. government-issued identification card
  • Any Kentucky state government-issued identification card with the voter’s picture
  • Any identification card issued by a Kentucky county and which has been approved in writing by the Kentucky State Board of Elections

Note: Voter ID cards issued by the Election Center and Oath of Voter forms are no longer acceptable forms of identification.


I need to vote early!   

Contact Jefferson County Election Center: 502-574-6100  or

Request an absentee ballot before 10/30 – details here

In-house absentee voting (last day 11/5) – details here

Have additional questions? Check this FAQ